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Finding a safe haven of friendship for people with disabilities has always been a challenge.

The Friendship Circle was created to change this.


Rabbi Dovid and Rochel Jaffe from Lubavitch South Manchester founded the Manchester branch of The Friendship Circle after several years supporting people with physical and learning disabilities in the community. 

This initiative followed the values and inspiration of the Lubavitcher Rebbe. 'The core of the Rebbe’s teachings is that none of us is complete unless all of us are included.' It is this concept that motivates The Friendship Circle. 

The Friendship Circle Manchester became an Independent Registered Charity in 2008, borne out of these traditional Lubavitch values to create a more inclusive community for people with learning disabilities.

What began with one or two ad hoc activities a month for a handful of members, has evolved into a diverse and stimulating programme of activities enabling our members to forge lasting friendships, gain new skills and integrate into mainstream Jewish life whilst changing perceptions and attitudes towards disability in the community. 

Throughout the last decade, hundreds of volunteers have passed through and experienced the beauty and diversity of people with learning disabilities and included them in their lives.

The Friendship Circle has become a safe haven of friendship where everyone has a chance to be themselves, where difference is celebrated and memories are made.

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