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OUR PROgrammes

Face to face and online activities every day of the week!

Our fabulous calendar of vibrant social and recreational programmes is jam packed with colour, excitement and opportunity, benefitting over 160 members. 


It is designed to enable our members to forge lasting friendships, gain new skills and integrate into mainstream Jewish life.


A diverse programme of innovative classes are organised weekly designed to be both enjoyable and interesting; art, dance, singing, and health and wellbeing to name a few. At our lifestyle classes our members connect with people of a similar age and background, whilst learning new skills and benefitting from a full and active lifestyle.

Our afternoon and evening drop-ins are a warm and inviting place for our members to make new friends in a relaxed setting.


The Friendship Circle organises varied and stimulating nights out every week, laser quest, bowling, theatre trips and meals out to name a few. Not forgetting other firm favourites on the calendar, the annual trips to the seaside and the zoo.


We are also regulars at The Frog and Bucket club night in town as well as the local pub!


Nothing is more empowering than helping others. Cheering up the elderly, collecting for the homeless and helping to clean up the local area with interfaith and Jewish organisations are just some of our monthly volunteering projects. 



The Friendship Circle Friday night meals are legendary. Over 100 people sharing the beauty of Shabbat, enjoying fabulous food and great company; the buzz in the room is electric!

We also arrange for participants to visit local families in the community to enjoy the warmth of this special time in a family setting. The excitement of the Jewish calendar and the warmth of our traditions are brought to life.


From Purim fancy dress parties bursting with colour and joy, to Chanukah celebrations bringing light to so many, they are all nights to remember.


We believe that communities are stronger when everyone has the opportunity to be heard. Our Equal Voices programmes gives our members the chance to represent themselves and have their voices heard on issues that are important to them.

Public Demonstration

For more information on our programmes please contact Esty Bruck

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